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11/21/08 - Dinner and a Movie

We went out to dinner and a movie with Sean and Briana. Dinner started out pretty good when the waitress delivered a pitcher of beer. We ordered our pizza and an appetizer (garlic bread w/ cheese). Like I said, the beer was good, but the garlic bread was completely saturated in butter which made it very interesting to eat since it was dripping everywhere. The pizza was good. Then came the movie, the new 007. We went to Hollywood Blvd., ordered some drinks, and then the movie came on. Brian kept saying how excited he was for the gadgets. By the end, 0 gadgets later, the movie was done. All and all, the night was good, but the movie stunk and the garlic bread bathed in butter was now getting to both of us.

11/14/08 - Brian and Heather Go To Lake Geneva

Mike and Robin graciously gave us an opportunity to stay in Lake Geneva over the weekend utilizing their time share. We had a great time lounging around and shopping at the quaint Lake Geneva shops. While we were looking for a place to eat on Friday night, we happened to see Bob and Jill who were there with friends from high school. We met up with them later on that evening and had a great time. We also went horse back riding on Sunday before we returned. It was Brian's first time and his horse walked really slow like him which was perfect.

9/19/08 - Megan's Birthday Party

We celebrated Megan's 25th Birthday on Friday night. We had dinner at an Irish Pub which was nice. The karaoke crowd started piling in around 10:30. After a few songs, we decided that we had enough. We went back to Megan's house and opened gifts and called it a night.

9/13/08 - Clark Update

We wanted everyone to know that Clark successfully molted in shell again. Now that Clark is bigger we thought he should get a big boy home with some new toys.

9/13/08 - Sam and Her New Chair

Gizmo and Sam are settling in. Sam is doing great. She has decided to take ownership of Brian's chair in the living room which is quite funny. If one of us is sitting in the chair, Sam more or less demands that she gets to sit in the chair as well. For those of you that don't know, Sam has a wine that most people can only take for a minute or two. She doesn't necessarily fit in the chair with you, but like I said, it is her chair now so you have to deal with it. Gizmo only tries to sit in the chair when no one else is in it, especially Sam!

9/9/08 - Gizmo's Training Continues

We have been working quite a lot with Gizmo to modify his behavior. He has been doing much better, but still has a ways to go. In our last training session, we were planning on bringing another dog in with us, but after further discussion, we all decided against it at this point. We have been working with positive reinforcement along with various distractionary tools to teach him. We will keep everyone posted on his progress. He seems to be enjoying it though since most a lot of it has to do with giving him treats for being good and listening!

5/25/08 - Brian Moves in With Heather

As you all know, Brian finally moved in. We are getting settled in, but he still is working on his house in Woodridge. Everything is coming together nicely though. We got a storage unit in Downers Grove to put some of our stuff in. It is close by and should make things easier.

Brian & Heather